Self Talk is the Best talk

Do you feel left out??
You don’t have anyone to speak your heart out??
You are being depressed for being alone??
Your family doesn’t support you or no one is bothered about you??
You feel like crying just because no one likes you, no one stands by your side and you feel all alone??
To be honest it’s normal actually no one cares about anyone be it your parents, spouse,siblings, friends and for that matter say anyone. There is nothing to be upset about or being worried. Trust me you don’t need anyone to be with you , it’s just you that has to be with you. If you really want to talk to anyone, just talk to yourself. Indulge in some self love and do some self talk and the job is done.
You know when you talk to others you speak because you want to put down all your feelings in front of them . Whenever you do that you are being judged all the time. There are some people who may really understand you and try to support you but mostly no one cares and they really don’t want to listen to your problems everyday.
We all have some or other problems and everyone is dealing with their own. Then why would they also share your mental burden at the same time.
I read it once somewhere if you don’t love yourself you can never love anyone else and I completely agree with it. You have to accept yourself and start loving yourself the way you are. You just need to understand that no one cares for you so you have to care for yourself. Love yourself,pamper yourself and above all treat yourself with all the love you can.
I know it’s tough to do so as we all believe we need some one to discuss our problems with but actually it’s not true. You have got problems so you need to solve them on their own. It would be a better idea to plan it rethink about it and then do it.
I have been to a psychiatrist once and she did nothing apart from listening to what I had to say. She was all the time neutral and had no emotional connection to it. She put me on medications and asked me to sleep well and yes I felt better at that point of time. As soon as, I was off medications things got worst and my anxiety attack became worse. I never found anyone to speak my  problems to and I always blamed myself for everything. I punished myself each and everyday and with time I was in the worst place one could ever imagine. I became obsessed over food and had food all the time anytime without feeling the need to eat. Never cared about myself hygiene, never went to exercise, tried to stay as alone as possible. There came a time when I felt I had no meaning left in my life but somehow my husband was able to convince me that we all have problems but instead of going away with it we should fight with it.
He tried talking to me but I decided to go with the self talk. I realized how important I am to myself and instead of making things go worse for me I decided to change it for better. I had no one to talk but I had myself, I made certain changes and that helped me a lot. I started showing love towards myself not by writing love letters but by being happy for what I have instead of crying for what I don’t have. I started writing my journals and made sure to plan everything ahead. These small changes helped me to plan my days and I could make out time to even take shower and to exercise as well. Still there are bad days but I know I don’t have to give up rather keep fighting and looking for what can be done.
If I don’t feel like I don’t exercise , sleep more than usual and eat anything I want to but now I don’t blame myself anymore. I am happy to be myself and glad that I am fighting for good. I love to talk but not to others it’s just me and myself.

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