Banana Good For Health

Banana: How Good It Is For Your Health?

In this post, I have decided to discuss the most important key to weight loss and that is none other than food. Whenever weight loss word is said you would be asked to eat healthy or nutritious or something economical and less calorie. But nobody tells you exactly what, when and how to eat. So I have come up with the solution for the most common question among all: Banana.

I would discuss this nutritious food which is low in calories, could be easily cooked and budget friendly as well. Today I would tell you about a super food which is a great snack and found all the year round. Yes you got it right it’s the yellow curvy fruit which is easily found in the market (you don’t even have to go to the supermarket).

Banana which is always underestimated or you can say person who is on weight loss journey counts it as an enemy, which is absolutely wrong. Banana is a rich source of vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Pectin, Magnesium and antioxidants.

Yes, you got it right. This small packed food has a high nutritional content. I am not asking you to go for a banana diet because of its nutritional content. I am just making you aware of it’s benefits and how it could do wonders.

● Bananas are good for kidneys as they help prevent kidney cancer.

● As they are rich in antioxidants they protect you from free radicals and chronic disease.

● Banana helps in keeping our bones strong and healthy as it has non digestive carbohydrates which produces digestive friendly probiotics which helps the body to absorb calcium.

● Banana also aids in weight loss as they are filling and even curb our cravings. If you have one banana before workouts they help sustain blood sugar levels before workouts.

● Banana are high source of potassium which keeps electricity flowing throughout your body and keeps your heart healthy and help keep your heart beating.

● Bananas has high levels of Tryptophan which our body converts to serotonin (mood enhancer) so we feel happy and good.

● Bananas works like an antacid, which gives relief from heartburn and acid reflux.

● Bananas protect against muscle cramps and leg time cramps during sleep at night.

● Due to high levels of vitamin B-6 it protects against type 2 diabetes, strengthen the nervous system, reduces swelling as well. It also help us to sleep well.

Now as I have already told you about health benefits of banana so its up to you to decide whether to take it or not but assuming all that it provides in a small size and being budget friendly, I am sure you would love to start on bananas today 🙂

It’s good to have it either as a mid morning snack or as pre-workout food. You cannot replace it as a meal due to low protein and fat content. Of course moderation is the key so make sure you do not eat too much of it. So if you ever think of having some healthy snack you can munch on bananas. Let’s go banana’s 🙂

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