Barley Water For Weight Loss

Today I thought of sharing about the benefit of Barley, which is popular and is used worldwide. Its a  known grain to all of us and also an excellent source of dietary fiber. It has got many health benefits apart from weight loss and hence could be tried for sure. Now a days everybody is looking after some or other  easy tips either to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight. Health is now a days is being determined in terms of body weight, for me which is not the right measure. People are looking after various diet plans,detox juices,detox waters and many more things just to loose those extra fat but practically everything doesn’t work and instead of trying these short term fixes we should look for some permanent solution. Though permanent solution takes lots of dedication and hard work, moreover to stick to it is a big deal. Anyways today I thought of sharing a very common and known recipe (drink)for weight loss which will also help in you many ways. It is actually barley water which came into picture few years back and claims that it can help us to fight those stubborn fat which is not easy to melt away. lets just not focus only on the weight loss it has got multiple health benefits as well.


Now let me put across some of the health benefits of barley water:


Weight loss- Barley is a good source of dietary fiber and hence when taken on an empty stomach it gives you the feeling of being full. When you feel full you tend to eat less and hence calorie consumption is less which makes you lose weight.


Skin health- barley has high selenium content and that helps in preserving the elasticity of skin and protect the skin from early aging and also fights against damaging effect of free radicals.


Helps in bowel movement- People suffering from constipation can have barley water for relief. It actually adds bulk to the stool and helps in passing it easily through the tract.


Helps to reduce risk of cancer- As barley is rich in antioxidants and selenium, it reduces the risk of cancer by helping with metabolic activities.


There are many more health benefits associated with the consumption of barley. Not only barley water but barley when taken in any form helps you in the same way. So lets look Barley not just as a weight loss tool but can be taken for better health and its always better to focus on health than number.

How to Make Barley Water:

*Soak 4 tbsp of washed barley in 2 glasses of water overnight

*Next morning boil it for 15 mins

*Strain and mix 1 tbsp lemon juice to it

*Sip it hot.

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