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Self Talk is the Best talk


Do you feel left out?? You don’t have anyone to speak your heart out?? You are being depressed for being alone?? Your family doesn’t support you or no one is bothered about you?? You feel like crying just because no one likes you, no one stands by your side and you feel all alone?? To … Read More

Cucumber for face


There are many fruits and vegetables which are not only good for your health but also good for your skin too. Today thought of sharing my idea about cucumber which is famous all over the world. This vegetable is  mainly 90% water and is widely known for it’s cooling effect. Cucumber helps in many skin … Read More

Time Management is the Key


Do you remember going to school on time and attending all your subjects for a fixed period of time. Now we have to reach office on time, actually at every place time matters and we understand that very well. Time is the key factor to everything we do and we do appreciate if all of … Read More

Cayenne Pepper


These days many tricks are being tried by each one of us when it comes to weight loss.  Either you be physically active or make your metabolism go high and running. Spices actually helps with faster metabolism and when used accurately also helps with weight loss. Cayenne pepper is also known for the same and … Read More

Barley Water For Weight Loss


Today I thought of sharing about the benefit of Barley, which is popular and is used worldwide. Its a  known grain to all of us and also an excellent source of dietary fiber. It has got many health benefits apart from weight loss and hence could be tried for sure. Now a days everybody is … Read More