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Does Weight Loss Makes You Healthy?

Today I will tell you all about my own story of weight loss. Like others I really don’t have a motivating story but yet many of you could relate to my story, thanks to the weight gain problems and mindset we have nowadays due to our lifestyle. To start off let me tell you that … Read More


Sleep to Recover

I have tried everything but sill can’t lose any weight???? My skin breaks out very often even though I am not a teenager??? My hair is falling too much though I have balanced diet and using the best product available in the market??? These are regular questions that are being asked to me, and to … Read More


Suji Uttapam

Do you really want to have some healthy breakfast and looking for some quick options. Today I thought  of sharing a very simple yet tasty and nutritious recipe which you can easily try anytime. Ingredients required: Suji(Semolina)-1 cup Yogurt-2 to 3 tbsp Salt-1/4 tbsp Water-1/2 cup or as required Peas- to garnish Onions-1 no’s finely … Read More


Is Exercise Really Necessary??

How many times you thought of exercising just because everyone else says so?? I believe every time, you don’t want to do it but you have to do it as it is the only way of losing weight. My parents wants me to lose weight so I took a club membership. I am not getting … Read More


It’s Never Too Late

I have been asked almost by many of my clients as what is the right age to start Exercising?? Which Exercise helps you with weight loss?? In how much time can I see the results?? This question has only one answer : Exercise anytime anywhere you can and moreover at any age. If you could … Read More


Self Talk is the Best talk

Do you feel left out?? You don’t have anyone to speak your heart out?? You are being depressed for being alone?? Your family doesn’t support you or no one is bothered about you?? You feel like crying just because no one likes you, no one stands by your side and you feel all alone?? To … Read More

Cut Your Excuses For Weight Loss

Cut Down On Excuses For Faster Weight Loss

Today I am here with a very important note on weight loss. You all might have heard and read many a times that you must cut down on your calories, cut down on sugar, cut down on junk foods or cut down your food to lose weight and get fit. But today I am here not to … Read More


Tomato Soup

Winters and soups are somehow related to each other and we all really crave for different soups in winter season. I thought if sharing various recipes with you all as it would be easier for all of you to try it as well. Ingredients required: 1) Tomatoes-5-6 in nos(ripe and red) 2)salt-as per your taste … Read More

Spot Weight Reduction

Spot Weight Reduction: Does It Exist?

There are many myths relating weight loss or fat loss. But what I have heard the most from almost every single person is about spot reduction. Someone told me if you keep walking or running your thigh would slim down and of course if you do 100 sit ups you will get flat abs in a month time … Read More


Cucumber for face

There are many fruits and vegetables which are not only good for your health but also good for your skin too. Today thought of sharing my idea about cucumber which is famous all over the world. This vegetable is  mainly 90% water and is widely known for it’s cooling effect. Cucumber helps in many skin … Read More