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Is Exercise Really Necessary??


How many times you thought of exercising just because everyone else says so?? I believe every time, you don’t want to do it but you have to do it as it is the only way of losing weight. My parents wants me to lose weight so I took a club membership. I am not getting … Read More

Healthy & Fulfilling: Apple Smoothie

Apple Smoothie

In this post you will learn how to prepare a healthy and fulfilling home drink: Apple Smoothie. The apple name itself makes me hungry to have this delicious smoothie which not only tastes great but is very great for our health as well. So let’s not waste further time and get going. Oh and did … Read More

It’s Never Too Late


I have been asked almost by many of my clients as what is the right age to start Exercising?? Which Exercise helps you with weight loss?? In how much time can I see the results?? This question has only one answer : Exercise anytime anywhere you can and moreover at any age. If you could … Read More

Walnuts For Weight Loss

Walnuts Weight Loss

When on weight loss we always try to avoid any kind of dry fruits due to their fat content but we forget that these nuts carry more nutritional values apart from fat. Today I will describe a well known dry fruit i.e. walnut which is one of the super foods in my list. Later I would discuss about … Read More

Self Talk is the Best talk


Do you feel left out?? You don’t have anyone to speak your heart out?? You are being depressed for being alone?? Your family doesn’t support you or no one is bothered about you?? You feel like crying just because no one likes you, no one stands by your side and you feel all alone?? To … Read More

Banana: How Good It Is For Your Health?

Banana Good For Health

In this post, I have decided to discuss the most important key to weight loss and that is none other than food. Whenever weight loss word is said you would be asked to eat healthy or nutritious or something economical and less calorie. But nobody tells you exactly what, when and how to eat. So I have come … Read More

Tomato Soup


Winters and soups are somehow related to each other and we all really crave for different soups in winter season. I thought if sharing various recipes with you all as it would be easier for all of you to try it as well. Ingredients required: 1) Tomatoes-5-6 in nos(ripe and red) 2)salt-as per your taste … Read More

Benefits Of Mangoes


I am so very fond of fruits and to tell you the truth I don’t even think about their calorie or fat content. I am so thankful to our mother nature which has given us the best foods i.e. fruit in different forms, different season and almost everywhere on this Earth. Anyways today I thought of discussing about … Read More

Cucumber for face


There are many fruits and vegetables which are not only good for your health but also good for your skin too. Today thought of sharing my idea about cucumber which is famous all over the world. This vegetable is  mainly 90% water and is widely known for it’s cooling effect. Cucumber helps in many skin … Read More

Healthy Way To Achieve Fitness


Whenever my daughter asks me to say a bedtime story, mostly I tell her about the hare and tortoise story as I want her to understand the moral behind it. We all know what is the moral behind it, now let me once again say the same: slow and steady wins the race. We all want to … Read More