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Cayenne Pepper


These days many tricks are being tried by each one of us when it comes to weight loss.  Either you be physically active or make your metabolism go high and running. Spices actually helps with faster metabolism and when used accurately also helps with weight loss. Cayenne pepper is also known for the same and … Read More

Barley Water For Weight Loss


Today I thought of sharing about the benefit of Barley, which is popular and is used worldwide. Its a  known grain to all of us and also an excellent source of dietary fiber. It has got many health benefits apart from weight loss and hence could be tried for sure. Now a days everybody is … Read More

Negative Calorie Food To Lose Weight


I thought of coming up with something interesting and this would surely help you with your weight loss. Everyone talks about low calorie food and how to have calorie deficit . Today I thought of discussing the idea of Negative Calorie food and how it would help you to burn more calories. Yes. you got … Read More

Fasted Cardio for fat loss


Have you heard of this term before?? Does it sound Familiar to you?? Actually when Cardio done in a fasted state(without eating anything), first thing in the morning is known as fasted cardio. Now a days we all are much familiar with muscle mass and body fat percentage, and the criteria to get toned is … Read More

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays everyone is talking about lifestyle modifications and how does it help your body, health and happiness. What we think is lifestyle modification means changing our food habits & sleeping patterns. Really is that what lifestyle modification means? No, that really does not mean lifestyle modification that simply means change in your food habits and sleep times. What … Read More

Fennel Seeds Water for Weight loss


Spices are great not only to add taste and flavors to our food but they also carry many medicinal properties with it. Today I thought of discussing about fennel water, this drink is not good only for weight loss but also has many benefits associated with it. This ingredient is found in every kitchen and … Read More

Fitness Is Related To Your Lifestyle

Fit Lifestyle

If you have ever met someone who is on the heavier side of the scale, they are not ready to accept the fact that they are overweight. In case if some do, they are trying to lose weight but will tell you about the failure they faced after each attempts. Trust me it’s not a rocket … Read More

Curry Leaves Tea to Lose Weight


Its always a great idea to try something new when you are on weight loss rather say fat loss. I have decided to keep posting about anything that helps with the same either way. So today I thought of talking about a very special leaf which not just enhances the taste of your food but … Read More

Follow The Sun For A Healthy You

Follow The Sun

“Sun” is the most powerful source as we all know, and everybody is aware of that. When I was a kid my mother use to wake me up early morning and the moment I use to wake up she use to give me a glass of warm water, then we use to go for long walk and … Read More

Aloe Vera and Weight Loss


Today everyone wants to lose weight and we all are doing some or other research work regarding the same. Everyone  wants to lose weight quickly in the easiest way possible. Now, while doing some research work I found  drink which is just not good for weight loss but can be used for other medicinal benefits … Read More