Cayenne Pepper

These days many tricks are being tried by each one of us when it comes to weight loss.  Either you be physically active or make your metabolism go high and running. Spices actually helps with faster metabolism and when used accurately also helps with weight loss. Cayenne pepper is also known for the same and along with a metabolism booster it is also known for other health benefits too. So today I would tell you how cayenne pepper help us with weight management and how should you have it.

  • Cayenne pepper suppress cravings: It is said that if you have cayenne pepper after your breakfast, you tend to crave less. As this spice makes you feel full for longer and you eat less. So you end up eating less, resulting in less calorie which helps with weight loss
  • This herb contains capsaicin and as it is a thermogenic chemical it increases our metabolic rate which helps to cut down our fat percentage.
  • Now, if our body has faster metabolism our body converts nutrients into energy instead of fat. So when you have less fat storage your body automatically loses weight
  • It also rises our body temperature as it is a spicy pepper. Once you have  spicy pepper your body temperature increases drastically and our body enters the cool down mode and in this process our body burns calories.
  • There are many people who really don’t like the taste of cayenne pepper. For them now capsules are easily available in the market you just need to have the right dosage.
  • Though I am not a big fan of supplements hence I believe mixing it with my dishes,salads,soups and sometimes even with water.

Now for your concern:

  • Always consult your dietitian before including it in your diet as it may not suit you
  • Try with lesser amount in the beginning so that your body gets used to it.
  • People who suffering from slow blood clotting should avoid it in their diet.
  • It is not advisable to have cayenne pepper for lactating mother or pregnant women.
  • If you are planning to get any surgery done,avoid using it
  • For high blood pressure patient it is not good to be taken.
  • I personally believe that one should be physically active to keep your metabolism high.
  • To keep a check on your calories have a healthy diet.
  • Always keep yourself motivated and work on yourself slowly so that you can fetch long term results.
  • It actually acts as a detox so have it in lukewarm water with lemon.

If you are looking for some quick fixes then you can try it but nothing works alone you surely need to have healthy diet and exercise regimen to see proper results.

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