Cucumber for face

There are many fruits and vegetables which are not only good for your health but also good for your skin too. Today thought of sharing my idea about cucumber which is famous all over the world. This vegetable is  mainly 90% water and is widely known for it’s cooling effect.
Cucumber helps in many skin problems and has some skin lightening effects too. You can make wonderful toners and face pack with cucumbers.
How to make cucumber toner:
Take a cucumber, wash it and peel it off. Now grate in a grater and take off all those juice and store in a bottle you can also mix in some lemon juice to it. You can store it in a fridge and can be used daily in the morning and evening as well. This is a very refreshing toner and helps to achieve a clear skin with regular usage.
You can also make with face pack with grated left over cucumber by mixing in some curd and honey. Apply it and leave for atleast 15 mins and later wash it off. This face pack can be used thrice in a week and would help you in long run.

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