Curry Leaves Tea to Lose Weight

Its always a great idea to try something new when you are on weight loss rather say fat loss. I have decided to keep posting about anything that helps with the same either way. So today I thought of talking about a very special leaf which not just enhances the taste of your food but can also do wonders at the same time. Curry leaves also know as sweet neem can be either eaten raw or can be used any dish depending on your choice. It not only helps to reduce weight but also helps to cure many ailments when taken on empty stomach every morning. The best part about this leaf is that it tastes really good .

Now let me just put out the benefits of curry leaves and how it helps our body. This particular leaf is a great source of essential nutrients such as proteins, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Carotene, Nicotinic Acid, Vitamin A,B,B2,C,iron, calcium and folic acid which are good and is also required at the same time by our body.

It is also known to help with diabetes as it has anti diabetic antioxidants properties , it also helps protect our liver.Eating curry leaves improves digestion and also helps to cleanse and remove the harmful toxins out of the body. Hence this particular spice naturally detoxifies our body , burns more calories and also avoid unnecessary fat accumulation in the body. the best part is that it also burns body fat and bad cholesterol. It not only helps with weight loss but also helps you to get rid of hair fall and can also boost the growth of hair. So whether you have hair fall or any other kind of disease try chewing it or you can its tea.

How to make Curry Tea:

1)Take a bunch of curry leaf and boil it in a glass of water.

2)Let it boil for few minutes on medium to slow flame

3)Strain and sip it hot

4)If you want you can also add lemon and honey to it just to enhance the taste.

Drinking this tea early morning on empty stomach for a month would help you get the best result. In case you don’t like the taste you can simply chew it. Chew the leaf and later drink a glass of warm water.Hope this article helps many of you and you can get the best out of it.


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