Cut Your Excuses For Weight Loss

Cut Down On Excuses For Faster Weight Loss

Today I am here with a very important note on weight loss. You all might have heard and read many a times that you must cut down on your calories, cut down on sugar, cut down on junk foods or cut down your food to lose weight and get fit. But today I am here not to tell you all that rather I would suggest you to cut down on your excuses for your weight loss.

If you ask a person who is obese, mostly he would never accept that and in case if they accept they would simply say I don’t know why I am overweight, I don’t eat much, may be it’s due to my genes, I don’t get enough time to exercise, I have so many other responsibilities, I have tried many things but nothing helps. Actually they simply lie because they are the one who overeats not because of their hunger pangs but because of their poor eating habits, they intentionally eat more of junk food even though they know their nutritional value is nil.

They never exercise not because they can’t but actually they don’t want to, genes doesn’t force you to eat more and be less physical active so stop blaming your genes. I have seen people buying shape wear just to hide those flabs to look a size smaller, but to be frank enough that doesn’t help your body.

Actually you are not fooling the world you are fooling your own self. Every one could easily take it out that you are wearing a shape wear because your face doesn’t wear any kind of shape wear. We all are given one life to enjoy it to the fullest not just to eat and die. I spoke to one of my friend who is obese and he said I know I am overweight but I feel healthy, I don’t feel that I have any medical issues.

Thank God that he is blessed to have a body which is not punishing him for abusing it everyday but what is he really waiting for before taking care of his body, may be some serious alarming signs like a cardiac arrest or developing some sort of cancer or chronic disease. It’s good to start being healthy before all that happens, who knows your body is telling you something but you are ignoring it just for the sake of food or your own excuses. Nothing could be much more important than your life and you must think twice before putting it to risk.

Who says only smoking and drinking is injurious to health, I would rather put labels that being obese or putting excuses to delay your fitness goals and weight loss is much danger than anything else. Since our childhood we are taught that our body is made up of nutrients,water,minerals, carbohydrates & proteins. This is a complete different topic but yes I still remember the pyramid which were taught to us and how different food groups were explained as to how much our body needs.

I never asked any body to completely go against their wish because that will never be practically possible and if you do weight loss using strict methods, it will just make your immune system weak and nothing else. Just make small changes, every step counts towards a healthy you. Make sure you eat five short and healthy meals in a day in which three would be your breakfast, lunch and dinner and the rest two would be your snacks where you could have some fruits, sprouts, vegetables, nuts, green tea.

Make sure you don’t over do your meals, try to eat just to fill your stomach not your brain. Try to limit your carbohydrates intake and increase protein intake along with lots of water. The moment you start shedding weight you will feel good that you can now actually carry the type of clothes you always wanted to. If you really don’t have much time, go for walk, actually at the beginning even half an hour would do. Once your body feels good you can also run for half an hour and in a month time you can actually witness noticeable results.

It’s really not that tough. Get up and start doing these changes and things would change for good and no excuses this time around. All the best for a healthy and fit you 🙂

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