Detox Water

Detox Water – Freshen Up Your Body

Now a days Internet is being flooded with endless detox recipes and detox means to get rid of excess water out of your body. Actually it flushes out the toxins from our body and helps with bloating as well. It has nothing to do with fat loss and I believe one should always take proper diet and follow exercise routine to for weight loss.

I have tried this recipe and for me it has worked very well but yes after few days again bloating came back and I can’t just keep on sipping it throughout my life. Apart from weight loss the best part was that I could feel my skin being hydrated and I felt better.


Things required:

● cucumber-2 nos

● Mint leaves-1 bunch

● Ginger- 1 tbsp (grated)

● Lemon-2 nos

● Orange-2 nos

● Cinnamon stick- 1 large

● Water- 1 litre



● Take a large pitcher and add water to it

● Now add sliced cucumber to it

● Add grated ginger to it

● Then peel and add orange to it

● Add lemon juice to the pitcher or if you want you can also add lemon thin slices to it

● Now add mint leaves and cinnamon stick to it

● Let it sit overnight though I always store it in my refrigerator .

It is a good idea to start your next morning with this drink. If you wish you can drink it throughout the day. It is a better idea to have this drink in summer as mint cools down your system. Pregnant or lactating mother should not try this detox drink as it may not do well for your baby.

So try this detox drink and yes you would have good inch loss. Measure your inches before and measure them again after a month and let us know what difference you see. Would soon come up with some more healthy and tasty detox recipes.

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