Does Weight Loss Makes You Healthy?

Today I will tell you all about my own story of weight loss. Like others I really don’t have a motivating story but yet many of you could relate to my story, thanks to the weight gain problems and mindset we have nowadays due to our lifestyle. To start off let me tell you that I am still fighting hard to get over this weight loss chapter of my life.

So What Happened?

I remember that I gained almost 88 pounds (40 kilos) during my pregnancy as it was my first pregnancy and I had no clue about eating right. I was so happy and delighted that I did not hesitate a bit from eating all those junks. Moreover all my relatives guided me to eat for two and I ate everything twice as I wanted to provide all the nutrients to my baby. Many of my friends and my neighbors even guessed me being pregnant with twins or more. Things were good as I was enjoying my pregnancy and never thought about my weight even though doctor made it a concern.

Finally after delivering a healthy baby of almost 9 pounds things changed. Everyone looked at me as if I am a culprit of something. Almost everyone showed their concern for being still so heavy. Finally they succeeded and made me belief that I don’t look good and I should not be comfortable about it. I started realizing how bad I look and instead of looking at my new born I was searching Internet for some quick fix. It was hardly a month and I was eager to lose all those extra 70 pounds that stayed back even after my delivery.

I used to stay depressed, alone, lost and not willing to meet anyone to which my husband finally took a step and took me to a dietitian. This was the first time I ever met someone who has good knowledge about what I should eat and what I should not. She weighed and even took my inches and looked at me like I have got some deadly disease and this is the last day of my life. My husband without thinking twice took a plan for 3 months after paying a whopping sum of money. I knew this would help and soon I would be back in shape and all the problems would be fixed.

Is Weight Loss Diet A Right Solution?

So my first diet was given to me to which I looked as if she is punishing me. In the entire day I hardly had anything to eat. It was all about juices, salads and soups. No rice, no chapati and basically to be precise no food at all. I asked her if its right as I was a breastfeeding mother but she did not show any mercy to me. I came back home and because my husband had paid so much money so I had to do it even though it means starving. And yes she has also asked me to walk for an hour everyday for at least 1 hour along with some good amount of exercise for an hour.

My baby was just 3 months old and I had to stay awake for almost the entire night just to feed her. I used to put an alarm and had to drag myself out of bed without any sleep. I always used to exercise whenever she slept. So I followed her diet and exercise routine and to her surprise I lost good amount of weight but instead of feeling good about my own self I was feeling low on energy with heavy hair fall, dark eye circles and sagging tummy around my waist.

When I told her about the same she said it will take some time for your body to adapt and it happens so I had to agree with her. Things went worse and I badly fell sick for 10 months. After a month I noticed that whatever I had lost came back and it was even more than what I lost. Things were out of my control as I was listening to others, following someone blindly even though I was not feeling healthy.

No Need To Torture Yourself To Become Healthy

What is the point doing such things and why do we want to lose everything just in a fortnight. I realized with time that a healthy body and a happy mind is what I and my family needs. I started eating back my regular food though I gained lots of weight and it use to hurt my emotions but I kept strong. Eating salads is good but that can’t replace your meal and one should eat until you are full just don’t over eat. I switched to yoga as that was better option for me and actually it helped me gain some strength. Over a period of 4 years and I am still working to get back to my old self but to be practical may be that is not possible.

I realize my body now feels healthy not because the weighing scale says so. It’s because I could walk without feeling low, I can eat and don’t feel bloated, I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning, my hair is now lustrous and my skin glows. I am now able to do all my household chores but still I don’t feel weak.

Everyone has bad days and trust me the process is unending you just have to stay strong. It’s your body and no one has the right to judge it. Stay away from someone who makes you feel uncomfortable about your own body. We have to love ourselves and understand the needs of our body. Talk to yourself and plan out what works for you. Food is not the culprit rather we are the one who are responsible for treating it as a culprit. Eat your traditional food and taste the goodness in it rather than eating those junk foods or supplements or starving yourself.

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