Egg Curry Recipe

Egg Curry Recipe

We all know about the health benefits of eggs and in case if you do not then let me tell you about it. Mostly people are seen taking protein supplements these days to fulfill their daily protein needs but do you know that eggs are all natural and highest quality protein source.

Research even shows that egg whites are good source of riboflavin and selenium. It is a low calorie food and can can be a good source of protein post workout. Eggs contain no saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugar and egg whites contain almost no cholesterol though yolk has some so it is recommended to have whole eggs in moderate amount.

Today i will share the most easy and delicious recipe on eggs as you can have it for your lunch or dinner.

Things Required:

Eggs boiled: 4 nos

Onion: 2nos

Green Chilli: 4 nos

Garlic cloves: 10 nos

Ginger: 1 inch

Cumin seeds: 1 pinch

Bay leaf: 2 nos

Tomatoes: 2 nos (ripe and red)

Coriander leaves: 1/2 cup

Garam masala: 1 tbsp

Oil – 2-3 tbsp



1)Boil eggs and let it cool down. Peel off the skin and keep aside.

2)As I am a weight watcher I go easy on oil if you want you can add more.

3)Take a non stick pan, place it on a gas stove and add 1 tbsp oil to it and apply it all over the pan.

4)Now put the eggs in the pan and lower down the flame . Cover the pan and let the eggs get cooked.

5)If you wish you could also fry eggs as it will taste but for weight watchers it’s a good idea just to saute them.

6)Keep on flipping it again and again so that it gets a brownish skin tone.

7)If you do not want to have yolks of all four you can remove them out of two and just use the egg whites with the whole.

8)While the eggs are getting cooked, in a blender jar add garlic, cloves, ginger, chilli, onion and some water. Now blend it to a smooth paste.

9)Once eggs are cooked remove them and the same pan add 2 tbsp oil, as oil gets heated add cumin seeds and then bay leaf.

10)Once cumin seeds start to flutter and the bay leaf turns brown then add small chopped onions to it. As soon as you see the onion color has changed to translucent add the ginger garlic paste and cover it with a lid.

11)After a while you could smell the aroma of the paste so now add a pinch of turmeric, garam masala and salt to it and few tbsp of water to it.

12) Once you see oil leaving out from this paste add the chopped tomatoes and cover once again. Let the tomatoes get cooked and then add 1 cup water to it.

13) As water starts boiling add eggs to it and let it get completely cooked. Once the boiling is done add coriander leaves to it and switch off the flame.

You can serve this curry with rice and Roti. This tastes delicious so hope you like it.

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