Fasted Cardio for fat loss

Have you heard of this term before??

Does it sound Familiar to you??

Actually when Cardio done in a fasted state(without eating anything), first thing in the morning is known as fasted cardio. Now a days we all are much familiar with muscle mass and body fat percentage, and the criteria to get toned is to lose that fat not muscle mass. We all are different from each other and so our body, what works great for me might not work for you but there is no harm understanding your own body. To achieve that sculpted and toned look one has to work towards it by eating right and exercising well. As nutrition and exercise go hand in hand and you cannot ignore one and focus on the other.

Its always recommended to plan you diet before so that you don’t end up eating too much or too less. Nutrition is a very vast subject and we will discuss about it soon, lets look at our fitness today. Exercise come in many form and like nutrition you must always plan your exercise as well. some famous form of exercises are Yoga, Aerobics, Strength Training, Swimming, Kick Boxing etc. List is endless and I really can’t put it all here, though what I really mean is we have to create a routine where we can use these forms wisely and can get all the benefits.

Cardio is any exercise which pumps your heart rate up and increases your metabolism that results in increasing the fat burning capacity of the body. Now our body is meant to move and we should keep it moving, you should choose what is best for you and keep changing your cardio workout. Now as this workout helps to burn fat percentage that doesn’t really mean you have to do it whole day long. To start off get engaged in any cardio activity for half an hour and once you feel comfortable with it gradually increase your time and intensity level. Now you must be thinking what is fasted cardio, actually fasted cardio is nothing just doing the cardio in a fasted state ,which means you have to stay on fast for doing cardio so the best time is in the morning. Do when you wake up in the morning start your day with some good cardio,that doesn’t mean that you can’t even have water as well. Do sip on some water and keep yourself hydrated while doing exercise.

Fasted cardio is very good for fat burning why?? Actually fasted cardio is more effective than any fat burning exercise as it burns more percentage of fat, it targets most of the stubborn fat stores of the body and helps to  get rid of those weight which you were not able to get rid of earlier. It is helpful for women to burn the lower body fat as it accumulates more in that region and from abs in the men.

Now how often you should do it and at what intensity?? You should do it twice or thrice a week at moderate to high intensity. If you are really obese and wish to lose those fat at a faster rate it’s a good idea to go for walk every morning. That doesn’t mean you walk all day long ,do what your body feels comfortable in. Enjoy every move and let your heart pump.

Eating(Nutrition) is the base of a healthy body and you just can’t simply ignore it . You can have proper amount of carbs and protein after fasted cardio,this is the best time when your body requires good amount of energy. Eat a well balanced Meal and keep your metabolism up and running. Do try it and let me know how it works for you…

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