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Fitness Is Related To Your Lifestyle

If you have ever met someone who is on the heavier side of the scale, they are not ready to accept the fact that they are overweight. In case if some do, they are trying to lose weight but will tell you about the failure they faced after each attempts. Trust me it’s not a rocket science, no calculations and nothing. It’s just we don’t want to accept the way things are.

Either we don’t accept or we are depressed about it. I have seen many people not even trying to talk about it, they make some excuse or they false you with the numbers. But I think everyone should make a point to either accept your life how it is or change it by taking actions. Don’t keep on nagging it. For example, if you want a change before you do anything physically just accept it mentally. It is always a mental game, you have to be strong enough not just physically but also mentally.

The moment you realize that you need to change your lifestyle you take the first step towards fitness. Neither you gain it in a day nor you will lose it overnight. The way it takes some time for you to gain weight, exactly in the same way it requires some time for you to get healthier and become a better you.

Now does exercise and being physically active helps in losing weight. First of all being active is really good, not only in terms of losing weight but also for your heart. Moreover let me make my point very clear. Healthy you is a coin which has one side as exercise and the other side is always diet. I never agree to or tried any crash diets because may be you can see some loss in numbers but it will take a toll on your health.

Ask yourself just few things:

● What I am eating today, can I eat it lifelong?

● Is this something my mother fed me when I was a kid?

● Is this the same food my parents ate?

● Would I give the same diet to my kids?

I know the answer would always be a big NO. We are human beings and we do have some taste buds which are active since our birth. You can’t be cruel to yourself for lifetime. Moreover these diet plans always make you weak, lethargic and most important inactive.

I eat healthy and I suggest every body to eat food which you think are healthy and local. Each one of us want to age gracefully like our grand parents did but if we get into any type of crash diet instead of looking young and feeling good we would rather look much older. People will start asking you if you are ill or what. So it’s better to take small steps toward fitness to be a better and new you.

Small steps would take you a long way and there is nothing much you have to do. We all should lead a healthy life for a better tomorrow. So start step by step.

Good luck..Keep going!!

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