Follow The Sun

Follow The Sun For A Healthy You

“Sun” is the most powerful source as we all know, and everybody is aware of that. When I was a kid my mother use to wake me up early morning and the moment I use to wake up she use to give me a glass of warm water, then we use to go for long walk and after coming home we use to start our day with some fruits. She had one golden rule and that was: always follow the sun.

Now you all must be thinking how to follow the sun , it’s very simple and easy. Wake up closer to sunrise and plan your meals accordingly. Make your breakfast as the most nutritious meals without counting the calories as your body wakes up and this boosts your metabolism, your lunch should be when sun shines to the fullest and this is the time your metabolism is going good and you can have a complete meal.

And as the sun slows down gradually you do the same and try to have a light snack and when the sun sets so does your digestion and metabolism so your dinner should be very light which must go easy on your stomach and make sure to have your meals early at least 3 hours before sleep.

Now you all must have understood the key for the good metabolism and if your metabolic rate is high you tend to burn more calories doing simple task. So the idea is to have proper meals at right time and not to cut down your food and nutritional value. As time has changed it is not easy for everyone to follow this rule of waking up with sun and following it, though yes you could try to wake up closer to sunrise and in case if you work at night and can’t wake up closer to sunrise make sure that at least you follow the meal rule having large breakfast smaller lunch and a lighter dinner.

Try to divide your meals into five portions so that your metabolism is at its pace just don’t overload your stomach. If you skip your breakfast you tend to crave more as your stomach looks for food and till dinner you add more calories and end up increasing your weight.

Always remember to have your meals at a fixed time everyday as it is good for your body. Remember, keeping yourself hungry would take a toll on your health as well as your metabolism so act smartly and chose your meals wisely. Try to keep healthy foods handy if you are not able to eat home cooked food try to eat simple and healthy foods.

Divide your daily meal into five portions. Start your day with a healthy and fulfilling breakfast. This would kick your metabolism up and running and even your cravings would be less. After two hours of breakfast have some mid morning snack like a fruit, nuts, salad, sprouts or if you really want to have tea or coffee you can take it now. Keep a gap of two hours and have your lunch, at this point of time your digestion works very well so have one portion of carbs along with some kind of curry and veggies.

In your evening snack have some seeds or some shakes. It is a saying to have your dinner as early as possible and try to make it light so that it can be digested easily.

You are wholly responsible for your own self and eating healthy is a lifetime commitment. So commit now and reap the benefits of healthy life forever. Hope you follow the sun now and get a better you.

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