Health Drink To Boost Metabolism

Health Drink To Boost Metabolism

Today I have come up with a recipe of a natural health drink which is a metabolism booster. As you know, to loose weight we need to keep our metabolism rate up and running and this drink will help you exactly with that. This drink will also help you to lose your lower body fat fast.

It is advisable that people suffering from piles, gastro, intestinal problem or who have any allergies to ginger do not use this drink. It is recommended to drink this solution in winters as it increases your body heat.

This is a very simple recipe and could be easily prepared just make sure you do not add too much ginger to it. It is a very popular drink as it also helps in reducing fat around waist and thighs.

Ingredients Required:

1) Ginger – 1/2 inch(well grated)

2) Lemon – 1 nos

3) Water – 1 glass


Put the water to boil and when it starts boiling add grated ginger to it and lower the flame to medium and let the ginger simmer in the water for 5 min. Switch off the gas and let it sit there for 15 min. Now strain the liquid and add the lemon juice to it.

It is good if you could drink it lukewarm or hot sip it like tea. It is also good to drink it in the morning post breakfast may be after half an hour post breakfast. You would see noticeable results in a week time and in case if you don’t feel good kindly stop taking it .

Do try this recipe and boost your metabolism and hope you find yourself in a better shape.

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