Banana Shake

Healthy Banana Shake

Shakes could be easily prepared as it is mess free and saves on time. And I have already discussed about multiple benefits of banana and how it could also aid in weight loss so let’s see how to make banana shake this time. This shake is even good for kids who don’t like bananas but just make sure to add some sugar to it or may be a scoop of their favorite ice cream.

Ingredients Needed:

Bananas – 2 nos

Milk – 1 cup (weight watchers use skim milk)

Almonds – 4 (soaked overnight)

Cashews -4 (soaked overnight)

Walnuts – 2 halves(soaked overnight)

Cinnamon powder – a pinch

Sugar -2 tbsp ( if needed)



● In a blender jar add cashews, almonds and walnuts

● Add milk to it along with the sliced bananas.

● If you are a weight watcher and want it to be sweet then add honey or else sugar to it.

● Now blend everything until it is smooth.

● Pour it in a glass and add a pinch of cinnamon to it

Enjoy your banana smoothie and hope you like it. You may have it as a pre-workout meal or as a mid morning snack.

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