Apple Smoothie

Healthy & Fulfilling: Apple Smoothie

In this post you will learn how to prepare a healthy and fulfilling home drink: Apple Smoothie. The apple name itself makes me hungry to have this delicious smoothie which not only tastes great but is very great for our health as well. So let’s not waste further time and get going.

Oh and did I tell you that you can have it as your breakfast as well, a healthy one at that. Its very low in calories and it will make you feel full for longer time. When it comes to healthy eating, alphabetically first word that comes to my mind with letter is Apple and second would be an Almond. Oh before I drift further to other things, let’s start with what you will need to make this smoothie.


  1. Apple: peeled and chopped(1 piece)
  2. Almonds: soaked overnight (4 pieces)
  3. Greek yogurt or plain yogurt:1⁄2 cup
  4. 1 teaspoon honey or sugar(optional)


  1. Put the apple chunks into the blender along with almonds, milk and yogurt.
  2. Now blend until smooth without any pieces of chunk. In case if you want some extra sweetness then you can add honey or sugar or else simply skip it.
  3. Oh that’s it, you have your own healthy home made delicious breakfast ready 🙂

Drink it immediately as taste and color would change. Hope you liked this simple and tempting recipe. Do give this a try and I would come up with some more recipes for delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner real soon.

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