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How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays everyone is talking about lifestyle modifications and how does it help your body, health and happiness. What we think is lifestyle modification means changing our food habits & sleeping patterns. Really is that what lifestyle modification means? No, that really does not mean lifestyle modification that simply means change in your food habits and sleep times. What does lifestyle word means? It actually means how you carry on your life, your attitude, your eating, your sleeping, your thinking, your behavioral habits everything is included in lifestyle.

The way you carry on your life which impacts you and others who are related to you as well is called your lifestyle. Now how lifestyle modification helps? That would surely be the next question. Let me put my answer in a very detailed way so that each one of us could understand it. When we were school going kids we use to wake up early, go to school, learn different subjects from different teachers, have lunch/recess time, play time and finally we were sent back home. After coming home we use to eat our lunch, take a small nap, play in the outdoors with friends and then finish our homework and sleep early or at a fixed time so that we could wake up next day early for school.

We led a very disciplined life and we even loved every bit of our day but now things have changed completely. We don’t wake up early, we skip our breakfast, we don’t have lunch on time, we miss our afternoon naps, we don’t go for outdoor games as we are so much into mobile and computers, we never take early dinner and we sleep almost when it is about to get morning.

This is the drastic​ change in our lifestyle nowadays which has given obesity, no friends, no energy, low vitamin D levels as we never wake up closer to sun rise, we always have headache because we don’t take proper sleep. So ultimately this change has done nothing good to us, may be we are earning more than our parents used to do but at the cost of our health which is the biggest wealth.

What would you do with so much money if you are really not healthy. I know practically it is not possible to exactly follow the same routine like our childhood days but it is not impossible as well. I have never seen my father going to a health club or fitness center to stay fit, rather he used to spend time walking in the garden or playing with us. My mother did all the household chores so she was always in shape and she never needed any fitness instructor to guide her on how to do squats etc. to stay healthy.

I am not against any fitness/ wellness center or trainers, but what I mean is how will they help if you are not helping your self. You are an inspiration for your child so what you do today would surely impact them as well, so make some small changes to your lifestyle, it will not only help you stay healthy and happy but it will also impart good lifestyle in your child and family members 🙂

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