Home Made Natural Hair Oil For Healthy Hair

Home Made Hair Oil

In this post, you are going to learn how to make a natural hair oil at home for your hairs.

What you will need:

Coconut oil- 1 cup
Castor oil-1 cup
Olive oil-½ cup
Almond oil- ½ cup
Mustard oil-½ cup
Curry leaves-1 cup
Onions shallots- 2 pieces
Amla- 2 (nos) cut into pieces
Methi seeds- 2-3 tbsp
Hibiscus flower- 3(nos)
Neem leaves- handful
Camphor -6 (nos)


  • Mix all the oils properly and put it in a pan
  • Turn on the gas on a lower flame and place the pan on it and let it heat for a while
  • Remember not to put the flame higher or else it would start burning
  • Wait for 10 mins and then add methi (Fenugreek) seeds to it . Slowly it will turn golden brown but remember to keep the gas flame lower only.
  • Now add curry leaves, onions, amla and hibiscus.
  • Cover the pan (oil) and let it be on the flame for half an hour.
  • You do not need to stir the oil in between so just let it simmer completely
  • After approximately half an hour oil color would change and you could see that everything added is turning black.
  • Turn off the flame and let the oil cool down. You can add the camphor at the end . Make sure you leave the oil overnight to retain the best property out of everything.
  • Now your oil is ready and this is the best oil for hair fall which could also help you get thicker hair.


You need to oil your hair before every time you wash them. Make sure you just warm it a bit and massage your scalp gently while rubbing it.

This oil even helps with better sleep. In a month or two you could see noticeable difference in your hair volume. This oil has no side effect. Hope you will try this and get rid of all of your hair problems.

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