How It Works?

Make Money For Life By Simply Writing About What You Know! Turn Your Knowledge Into Wealth For Free!

With widespread use of Internet, almost everyone looks for information about any topic they need online. Search engines provide the tool for searching and visiting websites that provides relevant information about the searched topic. Now almost in every household there is at least one person that knows something about health or beauty or food and this particular information can be very useful for others.

Write Anything That Might Help Others

So with our website, we encourage you to write anything about health, beauty and food such as your exercise routines, your yoga methods, your make up routine, your make up tips, your healthy eating tips, your food recipes, information about a specific food or vegetable or fruit, etc. which can help others. When you write quality information that helps others online, you should also be getting something in return. Here, we give you chance to make money for life with information you share for others.

Monetize What You Write

We show ads from ClickBank marketplace of digital products that help others at the end of every article published on our website. These ads consist of affiliate links which if clicked will take you to the respective website describing that useful product. Now when someone purchases that useful product after visiting the website by clicking affiliate link on our website ad, the vendor of that products gives a share of that sale (up to 75%) to us. This is known as affiliate commission and the whole process is called affiliate marketing.

Make Money For Life With What You Write

We do not show our affiliate link in those ads. Under any article, we show ads with affiliate links of the author of the article. So whatever articles you submit will show your affiliate link ads and will make you money for life whenever someone clicks on it today, tomorrow, years after or as long as our website is there and purchase that product. We take care of affiliate links and ad showing. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Three Simple Steps

  • Sign Up For Free Account
  • Sign Up For Free ClickBank Account
  • Log In To Your Account & Click On Profile & Update Your ClickBank ID

And that’s it! Now whenever you log in to your account and submit an article/post for publishing, our system will automatically show your ClickBank affiliate link ad at the bottom of your published articles. This has the potential to make loads of money for you and for life. Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.