It’s Never Too Late

I have been asked almost by many of my clients as what is the right age to start Exercising?? Which Exercise helps you with weight loss?? In how much time can I see the results??
This question has only one answer : Exercise anytime anywhere you can and moreover at any age. If you could not start it early due to any sort of issues you can start it now. It’s never too late for you to start.
Form of exercise may be different but all of them require you to move physically and the motive behind exercising is to stay healthy and keep moving. You don’t have to exercise to reach certain dress size rather you should exercise to stay healthy and be the best of yourself.
One of my friend is very flexible even though she has never been to any yoga classes and on the other hand her sister doesn’t have that much flexibility and she really tries hard to be in her best shape. She even complains that she eats less than what my friend eats and she puts on weight easily as compared to her. There are certain things that depends on your own body type and genetics too even plays certain role. We all are different from each other and so everybody is different and the bottom line is do not compare yourself to others. It’s just my friend in her early days has played many sports and was very active that is why she has a really flexible body than her own sister.
It’s truly said that the grass is always greener on the other side. Though it’s not always true, it might takes lots of practice for someone to reach what you thought might just be their genes or they are too blessed being flexible.
It’s never too late to start and it’s always better doing something than nothing. Try to practice in supervision of a trained professional  if you are not familiar with exercise and try to be comfortable with it at least and don’t injure yourself.
Key is being committed and staying consistent. You just can’t do it one day and leave it for month then. You don’t have to sit back on it for the entire day but at least try to put in half an hour everyday. It doesn’t matter what is your age it’s just requires you to have will power to do it and once you go with it ,you will surely like the process and within sometime you will start enjoying it.
So next time before you ask someone about the right time to start just remember it’s never too late to start.

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