The Real Weight Loss: The Real Facts To Help You Lose Weight Fast

What do you think weight loss is? What is your parameter for better health? How do you define healthy body? Just looking at the weighing machine and achieving certain number answers all your questions? If yes then you are absolutely wrong and you have no idea about health and healthy body. Do you think your body is only made up of fat? Or let’s put it this way.


Does weighing machine always tell you about kg/pound of fat your body has? No, this is a wrong notion. Our body has got so many organs and moreover we have water weight as well so never trust that weighing machine when you really have to talk about healthy body. So in this article we will discuss about different health parameters and how can we get a healthy body.
Weight Loss

Weight Loss Is Not All About Numbers


Now let me tell you in a much simpler way, whatever you do, you will age for sure. So don’t waste your time just looking at that weighing scale every time and getting depressed and treating your body as a culprit. Always remember health and beauty go hand in hand and one should always work to get that healthy body, beauty will come as a side effect.


All of you must be thinking by now what exactly is the way to get a healthy body and how to be in shape. First thing first, let go of all worries. Yes you got it right. Stress is the foundation of all life problems and many life threatening diseases. You really can’t have control over everything so instead of thinking about it all the time it’s better to let it go. Just sit back and relax and focus on things which you can control in your life. If you are stressed you always get into emotional eating and after eating so much you get more stressed so you try over exercising sometimes which leads to physical harm as well and many a times you won’t exercise and make things more worse.
You keep on thinking about every single thing in your life which will surely disturb your sleep so even though you try hard, you can’t sleep. When you don’t sleep your body doesn’t recover well and you get bloated which brings more stress. Finally you end up gaining pounds and pounds along with other diseases as well but you are not aware where you are going wrong and why instead of losing, you are gaining all the time.


Can you control stress?? Answer is no. Until and unless you don’t realize that you have to accept everything the way they are you won’t be able to control your stress. You have high hopes from everyone including yourself and every time you fail you are more stressed. So stress can’t be controlled but it can be accepted. Don’t expect anything rather accept everything and you would be more happy. Believe me when I say this, love your body, love your self, you will surely feel energetic and moreover do something which you love and it can be anything.


Weight Loss & Stress

Stress Is The Root Cause of Many Health Issues


Now once you get over stress believe me half of the work is done. There are still some changes that you need to do so now let’s talk about them in detail. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? You can always bookmark this page and come back later to read.


Most talked about topic in the weight loss industry is exercise and each one of us wants to know how much exercise is necessary. To be honest it is not something to measure and tell how much exercise is good for you. Practically each one of us are different and so is our body and above all our lifestyle. You just can’t look people in their digital life and compare yourself to them. They are being paid for this and that is their bread and butter. You might have endless reasons not to join any health club but that does not stop you from being fit.


If you want you can exercise anytime anywhere with your own body weight. If you are not sure of exercise try doing some yoga poses and believe me it helps. Exercise not only improves your physical health but also a major help in mental health. Key is to keep moving, though to be specific walking is not an exercise it just helps you to stay active. So all of you who are on the heavier side and has got multiple health issues and you are not exercising at least start with some walk. Many of us are not sure what is the best time to exercise and answer is anytime is fine just not preferably right after meals.


If you look around you would find that the poor people are much muscular than the richer ones and you know exactly what is the reason. They are the one who does everything for rich ones like cleaning houses, washing clothes, going to the market and many more work that keeps them physically active. Anyone who is active physically will have a good healthy body than the people who are privileged with too much money and are dependent on others for their physical work. Now I am not asking you to become a house maid or a helper but just to be physically active and fit. Move around once a while, clean your house and try to go shopping your own groceries. Small changes make a huge difference and remember no work is small it is you who has created tags in the society.


Weight Loss With Exercise

Even Walking & Slow Running Can Help You Lose Weight


Google is flooded with many exercise and how they target your different body parts. Just make sure that you are actually doing the right form or it may cause injury to you. It’s good to start under some ones supervision who has good knowledge about the exercises before you try them. There are series of exercises which I will keep discussing later and would share the correct form of doing them.
Drink plenty of water and plenty doesn’t mean that you only drink water. I just mean that increase your water intake or for that matter say anything liquid. Our body is actually 60% percent of water and that I am speaking about an adult body. We think so much about diet, nutrition, calorie but in this race we forget about one thing and that is water. You need to drink water every now and then. If you feel lazy to drink water before becoming too thirsty, keep water bottle with you and drink whenever you feel like drinking. First of all it is free of cost and second it doesn’t have any calories. On a serious note, water helps you to remove any toxins in your body so drinking water actually does a lot to keep you fit.


So do not forget to hydrate yourself. Many a times we don’t hydrate ourselves properly due to which we get bloated. Just don’t drink too much that you get water toxicity. Drink at least 3 liters of water every day and make sure you drink two glasses as soon as you wake up. I have seen many fitness enthusiasts posting pictures with detox water which was infused with lots of fruit and water. If you want you can add it just to add some natural flavors to your drink though if you want you can sip it the way it is. So always make a point of drinking water half an hour before meals and half an hour later and of course never consider thirst to be hunger so sip on water when you are thirsty rather than eating food.


Apart from exercise there are many things which should be considered for lifestyle changes. How much you exercise does not matter until and unless you don’t eat right and hence nothing works. These days internet is flooded with many diet plans and gimmick which will help you lose weight in just few days and many are falling into their trap. Food is just not to satisfy your taste buds it is actually the foundation of our body. Our body gets its nourishment from anything we eat so before you put anything inside instead of looking at its calories it’s best to look after its nutritional content. We are so much impressed with the marketing of weight loss industry gurus that we now a days prefer counting calories rather than looking at its nutritional value.


Health Food & Weight Loss

Eating Right Will Help You Lose Weight Quickly


Always remember creating calorie deficit won’t help rather eating right would. We have suddenly stopped using our senses while choosing food and we prefer apps to do the same for us . So if you consider Internet to be a blessing, at some point I would say it is a curse as well. Remember those days when our parents and grand parents use to feed us food, we were much healthy with flawless skin and voluminous hair and moreover were never obese. Since we started trusting Internet instead of our mom or grand mom we are into so many medical issues. We are into so much deficiency that we have to take supplements for almost everything. Previously there were no supplements and everyone was much healthy than we are.


Eat anything that is natural and local to you. Anything which is processed or has traveled from far land is not healthy. Follow the sun and the cycle of eating with the sun periods like a heavy breakfast, good lunch and a light dinner. There has to be a difference of at least 3 hours between your dinner time and bed time which really does not mean that eating your dinner at 11:00 pm and going off to sleep at 2:00 am. Instead try to have a light and early dinner. Stick to the basics of food. You don’t really need to learn or apply any science to it. Always remember the food that you ate in your early years of growth and never overdo them. Eat real foods you really don’t need any supplements if you start eating the right food at the right time and above all don’t fall into the trap of weight loss industry experts.




Before I forget one more important or I would say very important point is rest. Like the way you exercise and eat right, your body also needs proper rest to recover and above all repair. One should have a sound sleep of 7-8 hours every night. I know it’s not possible but at least aim for 7 hours every night. Try to create a bed time and hit the bed everyday at the same. Keep all the gadgets away from you and if you are not sleepy play some soothing music in your bedroom. Take bath, wear comfortable clothes and sleep properly.


Apart from sleep remember to take rest once in a week from your exercise schedule as well. Actually I call it as my cheat day where I eat cheat meals and also cheat my exercise routine which basically means that I cheat from my daily routine and just sleep and watch my favorite movies.


Life is too short to become perfect, love and praise the body you are in. If you don’t love yourself you would never love anyone else. It’s good to be fit and healthy so try to modify your lifestyle so that you can achieve a healthy body. Weight loss or in my words you can say fat loss is a by product of the healthy lifestyle so always aim to balance your life. Stay connected so we can discuss with each other more about being healthy while eating tasty.


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