South Indian Chana Dal Chutney

Recipe For Chana Daal Chatni (South Indian)

Today, you will learn in this recipe how to create a delicious “chutney” which can be served with almost anything but you will love it with south Indian dishes.

Ingredients Needed:

  1. Chana Dal – 1 cup
  2. Coconut fresh- 1⁄2 cup finely diced
  3. Chillies – 2,3
  4. Salt – as per your taste
  5. Curd – 4 tbsp
  6. Garlic cloves -5 cloves
  7. Curry leaves – handful
  8. Mustard seeds – 2-3 pinch



● Dry roast the chana Dal in a pan slightly and make sure you don’t burn it

● Soak it for a while I always soak it overnight.

● Now once it is soaked you could add it to a blender and put garlic cloves, chilli, coconut, curd, salt and water.

● Blend it properly to a fine paste .

● Your chutney is ready to be served just add some tadka to enhance the flavor and aroma

● In a small pan add two tbsp mustard oil and heat it, then lower the flame and add mustard seeds to it once it starts to splutter then add red chili whole and curry leaves.

● Switch off the flame as soon as you add red chili to it and wait for few seconds.

● Pour the tadka in the chutney and it’s done now.


You could go ahead and serve it with any south Indian food be it idli dosa or uttapam. It is a very delicious chutney and would be appreciated by all. So do try it next time when you plan for some south Indian foods or any food.

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