Right Mindset Is Necessary To Stay Fit

Fit Mindset

We all want to be fit and want to look in our best shape always but have failed somewhere. Fitness and our mindset goes hand in hand and you have to work on both at the same time. Each one of you must be thinking what our mind has to do with our physical activity and eating habits. But let me tell you if you don’t change your mindset regarding fitness, it would always be short term and you will never succeed.

One of my friend in her late 20’s decided to be fit and so she went to a dietitian to get a proper diet and even joined a gym for quick results. For a week time I saw that yes she was too dedicated and even followed the diet. Eventually she lost few pounds but then things went differently. She started craving more food, she became lazy as she was over exerted and hence started being too lethargic.

Whenever she saw something she thought to have a bite and later she used to finish off the whole. I spoke to her as she knew what she was doing wrong but still she was not able to control herself. Do you know what is her problem? Her only fault was that she could not control her own mind.

Many of you are doing the same thing and you know that you are doing it in a wrong way but still can’t stop. Now, let’s make it easy. First of all, we are human beings and not machines so you can’t put a program and simply run it rather you have to go as per human needs. Never hurry for results as it would never happen, always start with something that you could manage. If you think you love foods and are a big time foodie, one morning you can’t wake up just with the habit of clean eating.

The way you developed wrong eating habits may be in a span of 5 years or so similarly it will take some time to get rid of those eating habits may be 2 or 3 years . Let your body understand you are making some changes and of course your body would respond positively and would accept it in some time. Just don’t be too rude to your own self.

Our mind plays all the game and it is the only one which is responsible for our eating habits and physical activities. If suppose you have tasted a piece of chocolate cake you know how it tastes and whenever you see it you get tempted, now we all know that it is the taste buds on our tongue which help us remember the taste. But no you are wrong to some extent, actually our taste buds taste something but that particular taste is stored in our mind with that food and whenever we see that food we easily remember the taste so we get tempted.

In the same way when we think of exercise or getting active our mindset plays a major role. If you are strong enough and can control your mind then only you would be able to achieve a healthier you. It’s better to start slow and go long way for a better and fitter tomorrow.

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