Skin Whitening Face Pack

Skin Whitening Face Pack

Every woman desire to get a fair complexion, though it depends on many factors like genes, weather conditions, lifestyle, products, eating habits and so on but we can at least get our original skin color which hides behind all the dust and oils on our face which we accumulate gradually.

Today in this post, you will learn about a face pack/mask which will help you achieve a fair, healthy, natural and pigment free skin. It is much better to try some natural and homemade masks which won’t at least have any side effects on your skin and will enhance it for sure.

OK so before I tell you the process to make the face pack/mask, let me tell you about some ingredients which we will use in our face pack.

Curd is a wonderful source of:

Vitamins – Curd contains Vitamin B Complex which helps in reducing pigmentation from the skin.

Essential fats and protein – It has essential fats present in it which add glow to your skin and protein helps in getting healthier skin.

Lactic acid and calcium – It helps in removing dead cells and regenerating the new cells.

Curd also helps in removing tan, pigmentation and could delay the ageing process. Curd is a great moisturizer and contains essential minerals for the healthy skin. Apart from application it is much advisable to have one bowl of it every day as its good bacteria even help us to get a healthier gut.

You can also use it as an exfoliater by mixing some oatmeal and brown sugar to it and gently scrub your skin.

Benefits of Oats:

Great exfoliater – Oatmeal is a great exfoliater, it is suitable for all skin types.

Helps oily and sensitive skin – As oatmeal contains anti inflammatory properties it soothes irritation and treat inflammation. It also absorbs secretion of excess oil from the face which is helpful in reducing acne problem.

Helps in brightening skin – Oatmeal contains saponins which helps to remove dirt from pores of the skin. Due to it’s moisturizing and cleansing properties it brightens your skin complexion.

OK so now let’s see how to prepare the face pack/mask.

Process of preparing mask:

  • Soak one tbsp of oats in three tbsp of curd overnight.
  • In the morning mix some honey to it
  • Apply it and let it sit for 15-20
  • Wash off with cold water

Another process/way:

  • Grind oats to a smooth powder
  • Mix it to the curd
  • Now add some honey to it
  • Apply evenly throughout your face
  • Wash off after 15-20 mins

You could apply once or twice every week each of the above and results would be noticeable in a month time.

Do try and you will get a healthier, glowing and naturally shining skin.

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