Sleep to Recover

I have tried everything but sill can’t lose any weight????

My skin breaks out very often even though I am not a teenager???

My hair is falling too much though I have balanced diet and using the best product available in the market???

These are regular questions that are being asked to me, and to all of them I just have one answer you are not taking adequate rest that is why  you are sleep deprived. Until and unless you don’t work on it nothing else would be of great help. Hormone Imbalance, Stress,Depression any sort of lifestyle disorder you name and it is somehow related to not getting proper rest.

We all are living such a hectic lifestyle where health is being compromised everyday. Though we only think that going to a gym would help as exercising and eating right are the only thing that adds up to a healthy lifestyle. But what we forget out is that we all need rest as well but as I said we don’t have enough time. I am no one to tell you how much sleep is adequate for you and how one should go off to sleep. It’s you and your daily lifestyle that you have to look into and decide how much can you make out and work towards it.

Recently I have been to a friends place where I saw even kids staying up late at night and are just watching T.V or are busy with their phone. Even though it wasn’t my concern but still I went ahead and asked her is this happening daily to which she proudly said yes,this is life. staying up late,partying all night,sleeping whole day and not eating anything is not life. To be honest you are inviting endless problems in your life and to your kids too. Life is when you can enjoy it not in those stupid LED lights but actually the real sunlight. We are so much into being modernization that we have forgot what exactly do we need(basic body requirements). Our basic concept with life has completely changed and then we wonder that  why we have lack of vitamin D or why we are ageing too quickly, why do I have so much mood swings, Why do i crave so much for sweets??. You are not losing weight despite all your efforts because you are not taking enough rest and your body doesn’t recover well or let me say you go to sleep but somewhere you are not sleeping and thinking too much. You don’t get enough rest as you never had a sound sleep and you always feel lethargic and tired. You stay awake all night and keep on munching something or other and working out more out of guilt and that is not how your body works. You really need to sleep well after you had that good food and exercise so that your body can make out well for the next day.

Our body is not actually a machine and you just have to understand that, you just cant keep on working as if it is programmed and for your information machines are depreciating each year due to their wear and tear and rough use. So take care of yourself like our parents too of us when we were kids and had to nothing apart from following their instructions. Gone are those days when we were kids and our parents had set up a proper bed routine for us and we followed it without asking them anything and that time we never had any sort of mental and physical health issues. We should have actually passed on the same to our next generation, it would actually help them . Obesity in kids these days have raised a lot , though its true they are too much into junk food but apart from that their physical activity is nil and they don’t sleep well. Every kid must sleep sound 10 hours every day and that really doesn’t mean that they should hit the bed after midnight and then wake up late in the morning,it disturbs the whole cycle of eating,playing,studying and taking rest. They must go off to sleep between 8:00-10:00pm and wake up around 5:00-6:00am in the morning. To be honest this principle goes same with us as well,we are no exceptions and we also need that beauty sleep everyday . Make a bed time routine for you and follow it religiously for three months and see the difference ,after 3rd month your body will automatically hit the bed at the same time everyday and you would wake up fresh without any alarm . Not only it will help you with you sleep patterns but would also affect your physical and mental health as well.

I am not crazy to emphasize so much on sleep, it is actually important as much as food and exercise are. When we sleep our body enters into the repair zone where it repairs everything. To be precise this is the way you are conditioning your body and there is no harm doing that. You don’t have to look at you phone when you are not sleepy,turn off all the gadgets at least an hour before you hit the bed. Take shower,drink a glass of warm milk, apply some oils and  your mind will also get some rest that way. I have seen women applying those night creams without failure so why not that sleep which will actually delay your ageing process. If you sleep well you wake up fresh and you are more productive than any other day. So go get some sleep and relax. Remember Sound sleep is the path for a healthier lifestyle.

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