Spot Weight Reduction

Spot Weight Reduction: Does It Exist?

There are many myths relating weight loss or fat loss. But what I have heard the most from almost every single person is about spot reduction. Someone told me if you keep walking or running your thigh would slim down and of course if you do 100 sit ups you will get flat abs in a month time and so on.

Is it really possible, does spot reduction really exist? In my opinion​ nothing as such exist, just use your own common sense and you would be out of this myth. Have you ever thought that do we gain weight at only one spot, how would you look like if that is to happen. This is very much true that our fat accumulation on our body is very much different.

But it’s not because of spot weight gain but it’s because of our genes and due to that we all have a different kind of body, like some gain weight on thighs, some on waist, few have heavy upper body and so on. The only thing I would love to explain in my view point is you loose more at the places where you own more. To elaborate, once you involve yourself in some physical activity you tend to see huge difference in your stomach size, waist, thigh area, etc. which are much heavy for an obese person.

Actually your whole body loses weight but it is much noticeable at places which are your area of concern. It’s good to involve in cardio but make sure you do it twice and thrice a week and that too for not more than an hour. Do your squats, sit ups, lunges etc. Everything would work but for that you will have to be consistent and keep patience. Nothing works overnight and each one of us is different, so maybe it may take a month for someone and for me it may take a year. Never get disheartened just because you have not lost it quick, just remember one thing that at least you took that one step so you are always one step ahead and if you keep on working towards your goal nothing could stop you.

It is much advisable to perform exercise under someone’s supervision who has a better knowledge to it. And yes please get rid of this concept of spot reduction. Move yourself, exercise more, eat healthy and of course cheat at times. Involve yourself in different kind of physical activities so that your whole body participates equally and instead of feeling pain only in those legs, you could feel the soreness in the whole body. Every thing is important nothing works alone. It’s you who will make a decision for your own self.

So get up and keep moving! Reduce not only weight but make your body beautiful and fit 🙂

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