Time Management is the Key

Do you remember going to school on time and attending all your subjects for a fixed period of time. Now we have to reach office on time, actually at every place time matters and we understand that very well.

Time is the key factor to everything we do and we do appreciate if all of us do our task on time. Same goes with your body as well it also work on time principle and that is why when you focus on getting fit you always need to do lifestyle modification. The most important of it is to do everything on time and if you follow this, half your journey is almost done on the path of weight loss. Let me put it straight and simple so that all of us could easily understand it. We need to understand that our body works along with the clock so the metabolism is at it’s peak in the morning and gradually lower down at night. But to keep your metabolism up and running you need to have food at proper time interval . Now it is recommended to have five meals a day and almost each of us try our best to follow but what about the time ?? Two hours difference doesn’t mean that you finish your last meal after midnight.

Now I believe all of us can actually relate to the topic and how it would help us in the long run. Some small changes in the lifestyle can help you a lot not n terms of just weight loss but also in your overall health. First thing first, try to wake up early as close to sunrise and use your entire day and make it more productive. Try to sleep as early as you can so that you could wake up early easily without snoozing an alarm.. Now as soon you wake up, have something within half an hour as your body has starved all night and to kick your metabolism you really need to have something may be a fruit, never start your day with tea or coffee. Actually caffeine when taken on an empty stomach lower down your metabolism and also has other side effects. Anyways try to have your meals on time, so that your body gets used to it. Waking up at one time everyday and going to bed at the same time makes a huge difference. When you have your meals at fixed time everyday your body even work accordingly and helps you understand your hunger level. Whenever you skip your breakfast and eat something for lunch as you were trying to create a calorie deficit actually you eat more than required and your metabolism even slows down. There is a biological clock and you just can’t put your calorie calculations on it. You have to eat healthy and on time,when you start early then you end eating your last meal early if you start late of course you eat till late and more than what is required. So make sure you follow your routine not just for weight loss but also for your health. 

Health can never be kept at stake so just start managing your time.

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