Tomato Soup

Winters and soups are somehow related to each other and we all really crave for different soups in winter season. I thought if sharing various recipes with you all as it would be easier for all of you to try it as well.
Ingredients required:
1) Tomatoes-5-6 in nos(ripe and red)
2)salt-as per your taste
3)Black pepper-a pinch or two
4) butter-1/2 tbsp (optional)
5)coriander leaf- to garnish
I prefer making soup in pressure cooker as it is easier and takes less time than open pots. If you wish, you can make it in pots as well.
1)Clean all the tomatoes and cut it into half or smaller as you prefer.
2) Add it to the pressure cooker with 1 glass of water.
3) Add salt as per your taste.
4) Close the lid and let it cook on slow flame for 4-5 whistles
5) Once cooled open the lid and slowly peel off all the tomatoes skin and throw away.
6) You can either blend it with hand blender or grind it in a grinder.
7) Now  take a pot and put the soul inside and heat it until you get the desired consistency.
8) Add black pepper powder to it and serve hot with some coriander on top.
9) Sip it hot and enjoy.

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