Walnuts Weight Loss

Walnuts For Weight Loss

When on weight loss we always try to avoid any kind of dry fruits due to their fat content but we forget that these nuts carry more nutritional values apart from fat. Today I will describe a well known dry fruit i.e. walnut which is one of the super foods in my list. Later I would discuss about more super foods and how you could take them not only for weight loss but also for better living and healthy body.

Walnuts is actually a perfect pack of protein, healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants,vitamins,minerals and many more. We must thank nature for such a wonderful nut. Walnuts provide us with plant based Omega 3 fats along with biotin and copper. So next time when you think of eating those supplements for Omega 3 or biotin just go and have some walnuts.

When I was a kid I always use to tell my mom I want to eat the nut which looks like the brain and she use to understand that I am talking about walnuts. Later I came to know that it has vitamin E, folate, Omega 3 fats and antioxidants which support brain health as well. It contains very rare and powerful antioxidants which helps in the ageing process and so eating a handful of walnuts won’t make you fat rather it would help you give you a better health.

When on diet we think only about calories,we forget that we need to fulfill our nutritional requirements as well. It is a great idea to snack on nuts as they are good fats and their nutritional content is also high. So instead of snacking on anything which will only add sugar and calories to your body you can have handful of nuts.

Walnuts don’t increase your risk of weight gain and makes it easier for you to lose weight as you don’t eat mindlessly. It is a better idea to eat them as first thing in the morning like you can have 4 halves of soaked walnuts and you can have all the benefits out of it. So start eating walnuts now and thank me later 🙂

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